Guy Forsyth’s latest CD — Unrepentant, Schizophrenic Americana

11 May 2007: Auckland, New Zealand
Guy Forsyth’s latest CD
Unrepentant, Schizophrenic Americana

Guy Forsyth has been a primal force in Austin music for nearly two decades. He is a powerful writer, composer, vocalist, guitarist and harpist — not to mention an accomplished virtuoso of the musical saw. To fully appreciate the scope and depth of his musical talents however, one must see him in person. Recordings do little justice to his live performances. However, this two-CD set, is probably the best of his few forays into recorded live sessions.

It was my very great honor to do the cover(s) for these recordings. The image is a reproduction of the poster that I did in 1996 for his weekly performances at Antone’s — Sunday night gigs that carried the spiritual force of his music in the quietest corner of the weekend. He has been for many years, and remains, my favorite contemporary Austin musician.

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