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Antone's: Austin's Home of the Blues, cont.
Antone's Logo, design and illustration by Danny Garrett, 1976
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Antone's Blues Cruise 1988
Antone's West
Blues Cruise 1988
Ray Charles at Antones, June 13, 1980
Ray Charles, 1980
Antone's 10th Anniv., Magic Sam
Antone's 10th Anniv.
Antone's 15th Anniv., Robert Johnson
Antone's 15th Anniv.
Albert Collins 1985
Albert Collins
Blues Postcard Collection
A collection of 9 postcards of blues masters
1975 - 1996
Buddy Guy and James Cotton
Buddy Guy and
James Cotton
Antone's 9th Anniversary
Antone's 9th Anniv.
1984 honoring
Little Walter
CJ Chenier 2004
CJ Chenier
Guy Forsyth
Guy Forsyth
Antone's 14th Anniversary Big Walter Horton
Antone's 14th Anniv.
1989 honoring
Big Walter Horton

Silver Star Entertainment Group presents: Antone’s, Austin’s Home of the Blues, a full-length documentary honoring Clifford Antone, his club, and the Blues.

The saga of Antone’s, Home of the Blues, is a truly remarkable one -- one that closely parallels Austin’s golden age of live musical performances. This documentary captures the feel and energy of what has transpired on its stage these past 29 years. It also focuses on the essence of what Antone’s is all about: A cultural crucible that has melded elements of three generations and two races into a massive Blues edifice. Within its walls, American musical magic has been performed and perfected. It has been my pleasure and honor to have been a part of this journey and to continue playing a role in its on-going saga.

Silverstar Entertainment presents 'Antone's: Austin's Home of the Blues, a DVD documentary

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