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This arena of the site contains examples of my non-music commercial work. It is essentially a formal portfolio of my mainstream commercial and commissioned work. Roughly speaking, it is divided into five sections: LOGOS, PUBLISHING, PACKAGING, PROMOTIONAL, and ILLUSTRATION.

  • The LOGOS section is essentially that, logos or commercial identity pieces.
  • PUBLISHING encompasses anything that is published, i.e. printed, be it print media, commercial T-shirts, CD or CD cover work, or software, mainly.
  • PACKAGING entails all other printed matter or whatever might be concerned with the package identity, on-label promotion or on-label illustration.
  • PROMOTIONAL is anything that falls within the realm of marketing, such as print ads, fliers, invitations, specialty items (refrigerator magnets, other geehaws), art-intensive T-shirts, and posters - (for musical promotion, see the MUSIC ART arena).
  • ILLUSTRATION is essentially anything else in the world of business (commercial art) that is not directly concerned with identity, printing, or direct selling. This might include such items as catalogue covers, editorial publishing illustration, specialty art-intensive promotional pieces, or specialty art-intensive identity pieces. This is the main organizational breakdown of the images displayed in PORTFOLIO.

I lied. There is one more section: PORTRAITS and COMMISSIONS. This contains various examples of my commissioned portraiture mainly, though there may be some examples of other forms of commissioned pieces. Essentially speaking, commissioned art ? including portraiture ? is fine art, and as such ? excluding portraiture ? would more appropriately be found in the PRINTS arena. There are numerous types of commissions that more properly fall into the commercial field, and would probably reside with the portraiture under this section heading. Such items might include commemorative pieces, such as calendars, posters, coins, etc., and well, whatever is not in the other arenas or section headings.

Portraits: The Kemp Sisters

Aunt Jo

My Mother

Aunt Donna

Prices are not listed as all pieces commissioned commercially or otherwise are highly subjective in nature, and therefore require subjective evaluation and discussion. I am however desirous of getting your commission, so simply contact me via email:

danny (at) dannygarrett (dot) com

or contact me telephonically at (512) 892.6810. (Please replace the words in this email address with the appropriate symbols; we write it this way on the web to avoid detection by web bots, trolling for email addresses to add to their spam lists.)

We can then begin the discussions that generates your art or graphic commercial asset. General comments via the same media are, of course, appreciated as well.