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Doggie Dreamin'

17" x 11 " (43.18cm x 27.9cm)


This piece was done in oil crayon on coquille paper, the texture of which breaks the continuous tone of the crayon into a faux stippled rendering. In the scene, two Shar-Pei puppies are seen awakening from a shared dream. The dreamstate is rising, as the world around them assumes the familiar shapes of a common waking reality. As it rises the trailing edge dissembles into tiny spheres, which quickly effervesce or fade away –- a gaggle of them dance upon the snout of the puppy to the left while one seeps upward from being caught in a nostril of the one on the right. Here and there within the disappearing dreamstate familiar denizens of doggie consciousness -- cats, rabbits and fireplugs –- inhabit this borderline between worlds, manifest in both.

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