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Son Rise

11" x 11 ' (27.9cm x 27.9cm)


This pen and ink drawing was the first piece that I completed upon moving to Austin in 1971, just a year after leaving Vietnam and the Army. I actually saw something quite similar to this on one of my first trips to Lake Travis; the clouds were mightily torqued after the passage of a storm. They covered the entire sky except for a hole that rapidly opened to the west, revealing the setting sun. It is, of course an image of Jesus formed by cloud patterns, sunlight and reflections. It is one of my earliest pieces, and one truly inspired. Pen and ink was a medium that I had used since childhood, and this is one of the best of such pieces; and one of the very first employing stippling as shading technique. It greys all above the waterline, while traditional crosshatching values the water. The image measures some 20” in diameter.

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