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My first music poster was done in 1970 in Houston for a band called Sweet Peter. The following spring I left Houston and moved to Austin. Intent on drawing and publishing an underground comic, I visited Jim Franklin, who had just finished publishing Armadillo Comix, hoping to learn something of the business beyond Square One.

Jim looked over my work, whipped up a tale of horror and woe concerning underground comics, while extolling all that even hinted at music posters. He re-introduced me to the works of Alton Kelley, Stanley Mouse, Rick Griffith, Moscoso, Crumb and all those who had made the music posters of the Bay Area universally known and lauded. Impressed with his knowledgeable and passionate rhetoric, I was unaware of his morph into Tom Sawyer. ?Say,? he said, ?no time like the present. Listen, I?m all tied up with this Mother Earth poster, why don't you do this one that?s needed for the John Sebastian show??

I did, and from 1971 until now, I have and am still producing music art. Within, you will see the results of over 3 decades of using Austin and the music of Austin as visual material to be amalgamated and morphed into something much, much more. Essentially, the material is structured by venue or artist. I hope that you appreciate these images and the immense cultural worlds that they represent, as much as I enjoyed creating them.


Click on the buttons above will take you to a sampling of my work done for the venue or artist; clicking on the thumbnail image will provide a larger viewing as well as the statistics of the piece, and a brief commentary on the poster itself, including explanations of design and creative decisions, methods of execution, and insights into the creation and reading of these posters.

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